Optimize your business with consumer behavior signals

Immersive Data Analytics and CRM Automation Platform to engage consumers, improve operational efficiency, optimize spend and increase revenues.

What is Immersive Data Analytics?


It is the concept of extracting 100s of behavioral signals from multiple consumer interaction touchpoints and business conditions


These behavioral signals are translated into a simple, easy to understand, consumer valuation numbering system - SPENDSCORE (similar to a Credit Score)


SPENDSCORE represents the future value of each consumer and enables advanced segmentation, targeted offers and optimal marketing operations


Immersive Data Analytics and SPENDSCORE are synthesized using advanced data science, machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence 


CRM automation software platform to build brand loyalty, enhance customer experience and optimize costs.



Segment consumers using 100s of behavioral signals, personal preferences and demographics


Offer Management

Create personalized offers based on net-worth, sensitivity and affinity, to increase acceptance


Journey Management

Personalize consumer experience throughout their lifecycle based on progression of interactions 


Direct Mail

Send monthly direct mail coupon booklets to segments redeemable throughout the month


A/B Experiments

Compare customer segments to determine which performs better for a given conversion goal


Dynamic Pricing

Dynamically price products and services based on aggregate demand sensitivity to cost


Campaign Builder

Build campaigns with predicted response rates, ROI, revenue targets and personalized offers


Event Management

Automate actions based on consumer profile events and performance triggers


Performance Stats

Customizable performance reporting and analytics across all automation activities



Intutive and easy content creation and ad propagation across multiple channels


Social Connectors

Seamless integration to Social and Search engine platforms for targeted ads


Customer Single View

Single view of customer across multi dimensional data points, activities and behaviors


Inventory Control

Manage supply chain and inventory stock for sales and marketing activities


Demand Forecast

Operations demand forecasting correlated with departmental budgets and prescriptive actions


Fraud Protection

Real-time alerts by monitoring fraud and suspicious activities across enterprise

Key Benefits


Personalized Marketing

Targeted offers, rewards and coupons delivered via preferred channel at the right time - based on future value of consumers. Automate consumer engagement lifecycle, to increase response rates and improve brand loyalty.


Operational Efficiency

Centralized real-time dashboard for status, activity and actionable insights across multiple operational areas. Gain key performance metrics and predictive insights to optimize staffing, supply chain, equipment and services.


Revenue & Cost Optimization

Optimizes over-invested marketing spend and balances with under-valued consumers. Orchestrates dynamic pricing, print vs. digital optimization, upsell/cross-sell opportunities and fraud prevention.


Deploy BEAMSTUDIO and data components within your existing on-premise data center (or) in a public cloud hosted completely within Azure or Amazon AWS (or) in a hybrid private/public cloud model with data on-premise and processing in the cloud.

Start with a right sized environment and scale with your business automatically. BEAMSTUDIO is built on Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) components and provides for elastic on-demand petabyte type scale whether on the cloud or on-premise.


Data security, single sign-on and identity management integrated with your existing on-premise security framework (Active Directory or any SAML compatible authentication and authorization system) - including for cloud based deployments.

Deploy a single instance across your enterprise or multiple instances in the same infrastructure. BEAMSTUDIO is a multi-tenant application enabling data segregation and localization for enterprises requiring nested hierarchies of operations and management.

Industry Focus

Empowering casino operators with player data modeling, accurate comping, gaming floor optimization, table/slot yield management and game protection

Helping operators improve overall guest satisfaction from the hotel front desk to food & beverage with guest modeling, dynamic pricing and loss prevention

Enabling retailers with end-to-end automation for optimizing marketing spend, improving customer experience and building brand loyalty

Driving top of mind awareness for healthcare operators to identify missed service opportunities, enhance services usage and patient engagement

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